From Road To Trail

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When I started biking I just want to explore our province(Pampanga). I just want to visit every town of it. Explore, see their churches, and famous landmarks.  And every time I ride, I’m riding on a mountain bike(on the road?). And so I did, I was able to visit some of them and it was fun.

And then, a hiatus.

And then the December, 2016 came. I got a new bike. That’s the time, my buddy introduces me to trail riding.




It was a foggy cold morning that day. We headed to mountain view hill, it’s a hill near the Mt. Arayat. The path is kind of rocky and muddy. With my 1.95 inches tire, it was a slippery and fun.


I didn’t mind the drizzle because it was really fun. The fun of getting dirty and muddy.  That’s the time that I realized,” Oh, this is what I want.” And that’s it! Since then, I always hit the trail. Either uphills or downhills. 😀






That’s all for now.


Keep Safe!


It’s Been Four Months

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It’s been four months since I got a new bike, a Giant ATX 27.5. For the first three months, I mostly hit the road with its 1.95 inch. I missed those long rides using a mountain bike(I’m for the comfort). So yeah, I spent that three months riding around town and neighboring towns.

And then, I bumped with a friend, whom recently changed his bike discipline. He invited me and one of my friend for a trail ride. And it was fun, so fun that I quickly realized that, this is MOUNTAIN BIKING. (I’ll tell you the story of my first trail ride soon.)

And now, It’s been a month that I don’t do long rides. I actually don’t want to stay in the road, I want off-road. And also, I already changed my tire to maxxis ardent(27.5×2.25), it’s an all-trail tire.

And because of this new biking discipline I learned, I appreciate the nature more. I discovered those unnamed trails in Mt. Arayat. And yes, the speed and the adrenaline when you go downhill, it’s amazing!

Long time no post. No rides. I’ve been very busy. For the meantime, let’s watch this Mountain Bike Fails Compilation 2015.


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It’s national poetry day today. So, I’m going to share some bike-related haiku. Just for fun. 🙂

Uphill climb is hell
Downhill makes you glide like kite
As I always felt

We wanted to win
Always we wanted to win
Let us hate headwind

What gear are you in?
Don’t push it hard, it might break
Asshole on the run

Keep on pedalling now
Move forward like life taught us
Have you check your brakes?

Mountains are so high
Thighs are stronger than ever
But your wife said, NO!

Mt. Arayat

Mt. Arayat

I was abled to ride again a while ago. Though it’s just a short ride, I felt the joy that I missed for so long. I’m looking forward to ride more this coming months.

And after I got home? Yeah! The rain pours. 😀 Saved!

All Seasons Cyclist

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It has been eight months since I last posted anything on this blog. As I explained at the time, our oldest son was seriously ill and could not be left alone, so I did what any parent would do—I gave up cycling, blogging and a lot of other things to make sure that either my wife or I could be with our son at all times.

Though he only looks like a student in junior high school, our son is now 36 year old. He was born with multiple birth defects as a result of German Measles (Rubella). Before he was born someone with German Measles got near my wife during her second trimester and our son was born with all of the normal problems that accompany congenital rubella syndrome (deafness, partial blindness, heart abnormalities, developmental delay and a host of other conditions). Last August his health…

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The registration for Kapampangan Mountain Bikers Network‘s One Big Ride is now open. This 30 km bike ride is for the celebration of KMTBN’s 2nd Year Anniversary.


You may visit the Kapampangan Mountain Bikers Network FB group page for more details.