It’s Been Four Months

Posted: March 31, 2017 in Uncategorized

It’s been four months since I got a new bike, a Giant ATX 27.5. For the first three months, I mostly hit the road with its 1.95 inch. I missed those long rides using a mountain bike(I’m for the comfort). So yeah, I spent that three months riding around town and neighboring towns.

And then, I bumped with a friend, whom recently changed his bike discipline. He invited me and one of my friend for a trail ride. And it was fun, so fun that I quickly realized that, this is MOUNTAIN BIKING. (I’ll tell you the story of my first trail ride soon.)

And now, It’s been a month that I don’t do long rides. I actually don’t want to stay in the road, I want off-road. And also, I already changed my tire to maxxis ardent(27.5×2.25), it’s an all-trail tire.

And because of this new biking discipline I learned, I appreciate the nature more. I discovered those unnamed trails in Mt. Arayat. And yes, the speed and the adrenaline when you go downhill, it’s amazing!


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