From Road To Trail

Posted: July 9, 2017 in Uncategorized

When I started biking I just want to explore our province(Pampanga). I just want to visit every town of it. Explore, see their churches, and famous landmarks.  And every time I ride, I’m riding on a mountain bike(on the road?). And so I did, I was able to visit some of them and it was fun.

And then, a hiatus.

And then the December, 2016 came. I got a new bike. That’s the time, my buddy introduces me to trail riding.




It was a foggy cold morning that day. We headed to mountain view hill, it’s a hill near the Mt. Arayat. The path is kind of rocky and muddy. With my 1.95 inches tire, it was a slippery and fun.


I didn’t mind the drizzle because it was really fun. The fun of getting dirty and muddy.  That’s the time that I realized,” Oh, this is what I want.” And that’s it! Since then, I always hit the trail. Either uphills or downhills. 😀






That’s all for now.


Keep Safe!


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